ramjac discontinues EIAS support

Hamburg - February 2009 – ramjac Software announces to discontinue its plugins Xpressionist, Rodeo and OBJ2FACT for the Electric Image Animation System.

Due to severe dissensions between the EI Technology Group and ramjac Software regarding their business relationship which could not be solved ramjac Software has decided to discontinue the development of Xpressionist and Rodeo for the Electric Image Animation System. "This is a really hard and sad dicision for ramjac, since we are devoted to the EIAS since about 15 years when we first used version 1.5.1. We gave all our power and ideas and good will to keep the EIAS alive when it had hard times by bundeling our tools with it. However, the recent dissensions with the current EITG management could not be solved by us. We see no other way than to cancel our relation." Says Jens C. Möller, founder of ramjac. "Due to licensing, protection and funding issues we also see no way of supporting Xpressionist and Rodeo any longer. This is a hard but necessary step for ramjac. We are especially sad since we already have the necessary technology for a complete node based architecture for Animator which we have been working on over the last years and which we hoped to be able to include into the Animator V9. This work will now be obsolete."

Xpressionist and Rodeo will no longer be a part of the EIAS. The upcomming Version 8 of the EIAS will not contain any ramjac product.

About ramjac Software

ramjac Software was founded as a subdivision of ramjac Images in 1997 which was relaunched in 2003 as the JCM Animation studio. We started to develop inhouse utilities and soon recognized the value our products have for production work and started to release them. To learn more about ramjac Software, read here.